See Why Those From Englewood Explore group grief recovery services in Littleton, CO

Grief is a natural emotional response, but what we learn about coping is often coldly intellectual and sadly ineffective. When you join our grief recovery classes at Healing Heart Center in Littleton, CO, we won't tell you that we know how you feel. Instead, we'll provide you with a safe environment, tools for coping and emotional support.

Explore the benefits of group grief recovery-reach out to us today.

What can you expect from group grief recovery?

The Grief Recovery Method is not counseling, therapy or an alternative treatment, but it is:

  • An action plan—Our group grief recovery program employs a series of small steps designed to help you find closure after a loss.
  • A safe space—When you join our class, you can relax knowing you’re in a confidential and judgment-free zone.
  • A support system—Many people find comfort in sharing their experiences with a group. You could, too.

Seven weeks of once-a-week grief recovery classes, plus a copy of the handbook, costs just $600. For a free consultation in Littleton, CO, call 720-841-4137 now.